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How to add someone as an admin on zoom. Administrator- How to use User Management in Zoom App

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May 05,  · Click Account Settings to create admins for the entire account. On the Account Profile tab, Find the Zoom Rooms Admin section. Click the pencil icon and enter the email addresses of the admin (s) you would like to manage the Zoom Rooms, separated by a comma. Note: This user must already be an admin or member on your Zoom account. Click Save. Jan 05,  · You have two options: 1) Assign an alternative host – this person needs to be a licensed user and part of your account. This can be done prior to the meeting. 2) Assign a Co-host – this is done during a meeting. 0 Likes. Jan 06,  · To assign a new host on your Windows or macOS systems: Sign in to your Zoom desktop application. Start a new Zoom meeting as the host. In the host controls, press End. Click Leave Meeting in the new prompt on your screen. Select someone to be the new host. Finally, tap Assign and Leave.


How to add someone as an admin on zoom –


Role-based access control allows you to have a set of permissions that allow access only to pages that users need to view or edit. Only the owner can assign this role. If you want users to be granted role assignment rights in addition to the owner, you can customize the role and assign users to the role to grant role assignment rights in addition to the owner. Because only the owner can initially add user roles, Zoom recommends adding a role that allows the owner to manage at least one other user role.

If you grant Edit permissions to Manage Roles, users with this newly created role will be able to create and manage user roles. Owners are not the only ones who can do this task. Also, if you want users in this role to view or edit additional pages, click other checkboxes. User group: Display and edit groups.

If the user has not yet accepted the invitation but is no longer in the Inbox, you can use the Resend button to resend a confirmation email. If you do not want to allow users to join your account, you can click Delete before they accept your email invitation. Note: Pending invitations expire after 30 days and will be removed from the pending list. Related article [Administrator] Role-based access control [Administrator] License allocation Activation procedure for users invited to your account [Administrator] Group management Register the user import as CSV file.

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