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Streaming video will often stop to buffer over and over again. If the internet is a road and data are the cars, speed is how fast the cars travel, and interrnet is the number of open lanes. Does your household download large files from the cloud читать далее via the internet?

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Megabits per second (Mbps) is the most common measurement of consumer-grade Internet connections. It’s not important to understand what a “bit” is, so long as you’re familiar with the range of speeds on the market. Internet plans can be anywhere from 1 Mbps all the way up 1, Mbps or more. Anything above 25 Mbps is considered usable. When you click the “Show more info” button, you can see your upload speed and connection latency (ping). provides two different latency measurements for your Internet connection: “unloaded” and “loaded” with traffic. The difference between these two measurements is also called “bufferbloat”. How are the results calculated? Apr 29,  · Think of the difference as comparing pennies to a single dollar. With internet speed, 1, megabits equal a single gigabit. Saying and writing 10 Gbps, for example, is just more efficient than 10, Mbps. A gigabit connection is twice as .


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Uploading a large file, like MB file document, should take less than 10 minutes with a 10 Mbps upload connection. How intensely does your household participate in online gaming? The 10 Mbps speed from the previous example was for downloads but uploads with this plan will transfer at a speed of up to 1 Mbps. Email address. See all comments 1. You can stream video most of the time though some HD video might require a little buffering every now and again.


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