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How to start zoom meeting without signing in – none:

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In your web browser, go to · Enter the meeting ID provided by the host/organizer. · Click Join. · Do one of the following: · If. Start Meeting Non-login / API User. On this page. Start Meeting with Meeting Number; Start Meeting with Vanity ID; Start Meeting Status.

How to start zoom meeting without signing in – none:


I would expect that to be seamless, just as for a logged-in user – but it appears to be trying to join the meeting instead. Could this be making the ZAK invalid? It looks like a single account can only have a single SDK application associated with it, and that SDK application can only support either login or OAuth, are you expecting all users to create a second developer how to start zoom meeting without signing in – none: Although it does seem strange that you were unable to access the meeting until you created a new SDK app.

The short answer is yes we want to make it easier for developers to implement, but will not be able to change the Marketplace requirements in the long run. In the immediate term, we have some documentation available for this migration. We also have plans to release some sample implementations for all platforms in the future for those who prefer something a bit more how to start zoom meeting without signing in – none:.

If your use case involves users not directly under your Zoom account to authenticate via OAuth, unfortunately this will no longer be an option. The listing of SDK apps on the Marketplace, in addition to allowing for increased visibility of your app, was primarily meant to better inform Zoom users of the developers behind an SDK app. It certainly is not a trivial change to migrate over to this new flow, so we are here to help in whatever ways we can. Would it be best to create a new post with more context, or is there a better medium to discuss that?

If you provide an expired ZAK, the SDK will just try to join the meeting anonymously as if you had never provided one rather than fail to join. I think it should be fine to discuss any concerns you have here, since it is still related to the content of this topic. It really is only an issue when there are completely unrelated topics e. Okay, so how to start zoom meeting without signing in – none: post in two halves… both quite long.

Firstly, I did get the ZAK working in the end, and I think I know what I was doing wrong and how a few documentation improvements could have avoided it. But that will give the wrong kind of token without the query parameter. If a type is not specified, the default response will be Zoom Token. It says there are two types:. I think improving this one piece of documentation, as well as highlighting the presence of the query parameter and the fact that there are different kinds of перейти на страницу at all in the summary information on the page, would make a huge difference.

Ideally, define the two kinds of token using terms that are very easily distinguishable. I appreciate that by now it may be too late to do that. Perhaps you need a you update zoom logging in – can update zoom without in: category in the /12478.txt here?

Personally I would really have preferred it if an incorrect ZAK or at least a token which was completely invalid as a ZAK in terms of the format would have caused an error rather than trying to join anonymously.

In that case, reporting the error is unhelpfulwhereas here it would be really helpful for alerting the developer to the fact that their code has a bug. Trying to exchange the code for an OAuth token fails with a 4xx error. I was changing too many things to have paid much attention on that. My bigger concern is being able to create an application with very limited distribution without making it public on the Marketplace.

ZAE was started last year, and is effectively a Zoom productivity app. It can:. While I primarily built ZAE for myself, it now has maybe a dozen users. To avoid issues where the same SDK key was being used at the same time for an unpublished app, each user has registered themselves as a Zoom developer under the advice of a Zoom engineer last year.

I wanted to make things as simple as possible for them, in a world of hybrid worship where some people are on Zoom and some are in the church building. Again, the intention is to allow as much to be done with a single mouse double-click or button-press on a Stream Deck as possible.

Currently, the only installations of At Your Service are me for development and on the church computer. Church account vs my personal account. So these applications are only ever intended to be distributed by me personally – no-one is going to be able to install them without coming to me first.

If the Zoom Marketplace Team would consider this an acceptable use case, that would be simpler. I hope all the above context is useful for the product team in terms of giving background as to how the Zoom SDK is being used in real life outside enterprises etc. First off, I want to thank you for taking the time zoom download linux download linux: put together this exceptionally well-thought-out feedback. I have brought this up with our documentation team and will see if we can make it as clear and consistent as possible across our documentation.

It is also worth noting that there is how to start zoom meeting without signing in – none: ZAK-specific endpointwhich should make things a bit less error-prone. This is definitely something that we can update. To give some context подробнее на этой странице this wording, as of v5.

With the current setup, this distinction is no longer as important to make, so we can definitely consider changing the naming convention here. I think that this behavior is enforced by our back end and may require significant changes to how meetings are joined, but there are probably scenarios that the SDK can handle and return an error synchronously before it gets to that point e. Reading through this section, I completely understand why you asked if it would be better to post in another category.

If you have any other suggestions or comments, or feel that I may have overlooked anything in your response, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help further. Thanks very much for the reply. I work in DevRel too, so I really empathise with trying to keep how to start zoom meeting without signing in – none: up-to-date for an evolving platform.

I think the remaining open aspects are really just in the Marketplace post now. Feel free to close this topic now, and happy New Year.

Thanks for that! Starting a meeting with a non-logged-in user Meeting SDK. This is using the Windows C wrapper. Hi jonskeetthanks for the post. It looks like you were able to resolve this issue, which is great to hear! This is compounded by the next issue. It says there are two types: token : Used for starting meetings with the client SDK. This token expires in 14 days and a new token will be returned after the expiry.

The token expiration time is two hours. For API users, the expiration time is 90 days. I zoom offline install – those suggestions are useful.

It can: Change the spotlight from one user to another, muting everyone else and unmuting the new speaker, all with a single double-click Launch a PowerPoint presentation, video or web page, starting a screen share either of a screen or the appagain muting everyone else – and again, all with a single double-click. Unmute everyone e.

Automatically rename users as they join e. That allows a few people to make sure that everyone is greeted as they arrive. Make it easy to switch between devices e. How OAuth and the Marketplace fits in So these applications are only ever intended to how to start zoom meeting without signing in – none: distributed by me personally – no-one is going to be able to install them without coming to me first.

OAuth apps, publishing, and “private app” use cases. Hi jonskeetFirst can i create two zoom accounts – can i create two zoom accounts:, I want to thank you for taking the time to put together this exceptionally well-thought-out feedback. Marketplace requirements and experience Reading through this section, I completely understand why you asked if it would be how to start zoom meeting without signing in – none: to post in another category.

Hi jonskeetThanks for that! Thanks, and happy new year to you as well!


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Is that possible? Hi jonskeet , Thanks for that! It was my understanding that zoom api allows for the creation of zoom meeting links without a user being authenticated. While I primarily built ZAE for myself, it now has maybe a dozen users.


How To Start A Zoom Meeting Without An Account? – Systran Box.Starting a meeting with a non-logged-in user – Meeting SDK – Zoom Developer Forum


As a participant, Zoom enables you to connect online with others. No Zoom accounts are required. For an invite that you received by email or calendar from the host, click the link. You can cancel your browser by clicking the Cancel button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Your browser will have a link to join from at the bottom. For information on joining Zoom meetings without an account, visit their website. To participate in upcoming meetings or to send invitations, you will only be required to have an account. Zoom lets you create instant Meetings and schedule Meetings at any time with your Zoom account.

If you are using an SIP device, your host key will allow you to start a phone call as the host. Zoom Rooms can also be utilized to join meetings manually by Bypassing the passcode when joining from the meeting list. This allows rooms to join meetings that are manually entered passcode without any manual intervention on the meeting list. As part of a scheduled meeting, the host can allow an alternate user to host the meeting on his behalf if the alternative host is unable to participate.

As an alternative host, this user will be contacted via email and a link will be posted to the meeting to begin. Select the Zoom Room Controller and tap Participants.

You can browse participant lists. Claim the role of a host by tapping nd in the participants list. A window will open allowing you to claim the host role. Creating an account with Zoom is easy, as long as Zoom has been installed.

This meeting can be started immediately instead of by inviting individuals to sign up. With this option, there are participants able to join the meeting before, during, and after the host attends. Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm. Step 1:Open the Zoom mobile application. Name your meeting ID number and what the meeting will be called. Connect the audio or video devices you want to have on your computer to Join Meeting by first choosing.

Click here to get started with the Zoom web portal. Click Meetings. Start the meeting you wish to start by clicking Start next to Upcoming. If the Zoom client is triggered by the meeting, the meeting should begin. The Zoom mobile app can be used from the phone or computer. Make sure you turn on your video on if Video On is enabled. Tap Start Meeting. Click Make Co-Host. Previous post. Next post. All rights reserved.