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Covid lockdowns made work from home a ubungu scenario. Even the non-IT people had to innstall their work activities from the confinement of home.

Video conferencing tool become as common as emails. Among all this, Zoom became install ubuntu zoom de facto online meeting tool.

If you are using Linux and prefer open source video conferencing tools like Jitsi Meetchances are that people at work use Zoom. In such cases, you have no option but to use Zoom on Linux and in this tutorial, I am going to insyall you different ways of using it on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions:. If you are using Linux, it automatically recognizes it and gives you the option to download Zoom for various Linux distributions. Here, select the distribution of your choice. In my case, it is Ubuntu:.

You are most likely running a bit system. So, go with default choices and hit the download install ubuntu zoom. It will download a file of around 60 MB. If you are using Chrome on Install ubuntu zoomit will ask you to confirm to keep or discard when the download completes. Click keep. Just double-click on it or right click on it and select Software Install like intsall. Do that and Zoom should be installed in a few seconds.

Once installed, press the Super key Windows key and search for Zoom. Click on the Zoom icon to start it:. It should send you notifications and let you quickly access Zoom features like screen sharing. If you want to quickly install Zoom using command line, you can do all the steps you did in the previous method.

You can download files in Linux terminal using tools like install ubuntu zoom and curl. Download the deb file using this command:. It will ask you to enter your account password. When you type the password in the terminal, nothing happens on the screen. Uguntu the password blindly install ubuntu zoom press enter. If you must use Zoom for work or school, you can install Zoom on Ubuntu and use it without having to leave Linux.

Having options are always смотрите подробнее. Also a movie buff with a soft corner for film noir. Using command line, I presume? Zoon dependency it is listing, install those packages separately. It might be worth mentioning that Zoom is also available install ubuntu zoom a Snap in the Snap store and as a Flatpak on Uubuntu.

I saw that but the snap is not from from Zoom developers or from Snapcraft team and hence I did not include it. The problem that I ran into was that over time the Zoom application was not updated on my machine and more than once Install ubuntu zoom was unable to connect to a ubunyu or worse I was unable to present. Very embarrassing! Eventually I switched to the Flatpak version and now the application is updated.

No issues since. Three zoo, four months ago I tried to install Zoom under Ubuntu. The installation had failed because the web browser Edge was required to operate.

Please log insyall again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Download Zoom for Linux. Downloading Zoom for Ubuntu. Install the downloaded DEB file by double clicking on ubunyu.

Start Zoom. Zoom now installed on Ubuntu. Quick access читать статью zoom settings. Removing Zoom Ubuntu. Like what you read? Install ubuntu zoom share it with others. Zoom This way, users can benefit from features such insstall auto-update for Snap and confinement. Policies Affiliate Policy Privacy Policy. Close dialog. Session expired Please log in again. Loading Install ubuntu zoom Email Required Name Required Узнать больше здесь. Copy link.

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In this article, we will show you how you can install ZOOM with multiple methods, its features, and with an Uninstallation guide too. There are various methods by which you can install zoom on your Ubuntu system but for your ease, we came up with the easiest of three methods that include installing ZOOM from the Ubuntu software store and Installing ZOOM from the terminal. Snaps are already installed on the Ubuntu system which reduces the work to configure snap packages.

This command will update indexes of all the repositories that we currently have installed on our system. This command will ask for your password. Flatpacks are regarded as the future of package distribution in the Linux community. Sadly Ubuntu does not have the support for Flatpacks out of the box so we are required to set up Flatpack support in our Ubuntu system. You will be required to enter your password and then it will start installing Flatpack to your system.

This command will install the Flatpack plugin to your system. This command will add a Flatpack repository to your Ubuntu system by which we would have access to many applications. Use the following commands:. Search Ubuntu software in your menu and hit Enter to open it. Search for ZOOM by clicking on the little search icon on the top left corner.

You will be given a list of software. Scroll down a bit and you will find a ZOOM. Click on ZOOM. Click on the install button. If you have used the Ubuntu software center to install ZOOM in your system, to uninstall it from your system follow the given steps:.

You will notice the installed mark at the ZOOM option. Click on it. It will ask for your permission to remove ZOOM from your system, click on remove again. You can create and schedule meetings, virtual Document sharing, and other features.

It is one of those companies which provides great support for Linux. The free tier of ZOOM allows two people to be there at the meeting but if you are between 3 to , you will be given 40 minutes. Once you reach that threshold, all the members will be kicked out of the ZOOM meeting. ZOOM has become essential for everyone whether you are an employee or a student.

In past years, the popularity of Linux has increased and ZOOM provides full support for Linux users also so that you can have a great experience without compromising with any utility tool. Sagar always uses Linux to its core and loves to write the technical side of system administration!

While he’s not writing, you can always find him exploring new Linux distros! What happens if you go over 40 minutes on ZOOM? Sagar Sharma Sagar always uses Linux to its core and loves to write the technical side of system administration!